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Entertainment ~ Midis

These are all the Sailor Moon midis I've collected. I'll add new ones as soon as I can! You may use any of these midis that you want
for your own website or whatever, but be sure to give me credit for any of the one's marked with a '*', because that means they're made by me.
(Or my dad, actually, *smiles*)! Oh, and to make it easier for you, these midis are in alphabetical order.

A Maiden's Policy
Ai No Senshi
Call My Name (And I'll Be There)
Dark Moonlight Legend
Eternal Sailor Moon's Transformation
Fate is Beautiful
Fire Soul Love
I Wanna be a Star
It's a New Day
La Soldier
Moon Prism Power Transformation
My Only Love
Oh Starry Night
Only a Memory Away
Princess Fireball's Theme
Route Venus
Sailor Chaos' Theme
Sailor Galaxia's Theme
Sailor Mini Moon's Transformation
Sailor Moon Theme*
Sailor Saturn's Transformation
Sailor Senshi Attack Song
Sailor Star Theme
Senshi No Kioki
Song from the Episode 'The Past Returns'
The Power of Love
Unrequited Love

How to save midis (it might be different for your computer, but this is what it is for mine):
Right click on the linked text of the midi you want. A small menu should pop up. Go down to 'Save Link As'.
Pick the file you want it in. Click the save button. You've got your midi!