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Entertainment ~ Senshi Interviews ~ Usagi's Interview

Me: Usagi, how do you feel about being the leader of the Sailor Senshi?
Usagi: Itís fun and all, but being the boss really can be annoying too.
Me: Whatís so annoying about it?
Usagi: Mainly Rei telling me everything Iím doing wrong, sheís such a pain in the neck!
Me: Letís get off the subject of Rei, she might read this you know.
Usagi: Yeah, Iíd be hearing odanga atama even more than usual!
Me: Which senshi do you like best, I mean by their attacks and things like that.
Usagi: Well, this is just what I think, Mercuryís Ice is pretty cool... Marsí Fire is awfully hot... Jupiterís Thunder is a clap...
Venusí Energy is a bright idea... Neptuneís Water is a splash... Uranusí Wind will blow you away...
Plutoís Time Stuff is, well, worth the time to stop and watch... Saturnís, um, stuff, is wicked neat...
Chibi Moonís Sugary Pink Things are... Cute... I KNOW!!! My favorite would be... TUXEDO KAMEN!! ^.~
Me: I shouldíve known...
Usagi: Sorry, heís just soooo cute, how could I pick anyone else?
Me: Hey! Wait a minute! Tux boy isnít a senshi!
Usagi: Ooops, well, my favorite senshi isÖ. Dum de dumÖ. MYSELF!!!! SAILOR MOON, SAILOR MOON, SAILOR MOON!!!
Me: *sighs* Oh well, a guess you canít expect Usagi not to be conceited.
Usagi: OMYGOSH! Iím sooo late! Reiís gonna kill me! I have to go, um, Reporter person, SEE YA!
Me: Reporter person? *sighs*