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Entertainment ~ YKYWSMTMW...
You know you watch Sailor Moon to much when...

You shave a crescent moon on your black cat's head. The white one runs away before you can get to it...
You start studying and working very hard, just to be like Ami, and your mom thinks you're getting sick.
You actually sing 'Starry Night' for your School Talent Show.
Please can I take karate Mom?! What? Does this have anything to do with that Sailor Moon character Makoto? No, of course not... *sweatdrop*
You have every single Sailor V Manga, and Sailor Moon, every single one!
When you were in second grade, you and your friends searched for the Moon Crystal during recess.
You decide to take swimming lessons the day after you first see Michiru on an episode.
Your coat is yellow and blue. Your favorite senshi is Sailor Uranus. Hmmm...
You take a stick, yell one of Pluto's attacks, and seriously expect something to happen.
You dye your hair black, cut it to your chin length, then do everything you can think of to start up your asthma.
For your report on Japan, you talk about three things; Crystal Toyko, The Silver Millenium, and Naoko Takeuchi.
You play out in an ice storm, wearing your sisters old school uniform, yelling things like "Mercury Bubbles Blast!"
Every day in the morning you greet your teacher saying, "Konnichiwa!" and every day she thinks your nuts.
Storms are the best times to yell "Jupiter Thunder Cloud Zap!" Unfortunately, you family doesn't think so.
You started playing volleyball after you found out that Minako does.
You're teaching your friend the Sailor Moon Intro Speech. It's not going that well.
Your parents still won't let you change your name to Michiru!!!
You started playing the piano the day after you found out Haruka plays one.
You find a key and assume that it opens the portal to the Time Gate.
Your teacher finds out that you call her Misstress 9, and she asks everyone to call her it!