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Click on the button below to e-mail me, after you at you read the messages below. Okay, okay, you don't have to read ALL the messages below, but at LEAST read the one titled ~*~IMPORTANT~*~.
Thanks! ~ Neo-Usagi

If you e-mail me, but I do not e-mail you back, it's 'cause, one, I never got it, or two, sometimes, on very rare occasions, I'll get something from '' so of course, I can't e-mail you back! I answer EVERY SINGLE e-mail I get. Even if it's just a comment! So, if I don't e-mail you back in at least 2 weeks, please e-mail me again! Also, if you want to be completely sure that I can answer you, just leave your e-mail address at the end of your e-mail. Thanx!

Wanna be Moon Tomoshibi's sister site (brother sites also work!)? Ask and you shall recieve! UNLESS, that is, your site has Hentai. And remember, I like to keep in touch with my sister sites. Even though I'll e-mail you and stuff, I'd appreciate it if you would make an effort to talk to me too! And once we're sis sites, I'd like to talk to you with AOL Instant Messanger if you have it!

~*~AOL Instant Messanger~*~
Now listen, I do NOT give this out as easily as I'll give out my e-mail addy. I like to get to know the people through e-mail before I actually use AIM with them. This is mainly for me and the webmistress' of my sister sites, but if you don't have a site, and are just looking for a friend,  e-mail me first and we'll get to know each other. Like pen pals, only key pals, k?

get this gear!