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Moon Tomoshibi
version 2.5 ~ Brand Newness- name and all!
Konnichiwa- ohayo- whatever time of day it is... Welcome! You've reached my lil' website dedicated to one of my favorite animes/mangas... Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon! I'm your webmistress Neo-Usagi. For those of you who have been here before- yes, I've changed the name. Neo-Usagi's Senshi Playplace was just getting too long... And too, um, unoriginal I guess. The new name for my website is Moon Tomoshibi- tomoshibi means 'light' in Japanese. So basicly, the name of my site means 'moonlight'! I hope you enjoy this new and improved website, and if you do, maybe you could tell me by either e-mailing me or signing my guestbook! Arigatou, and have a great time exploring Moon Tomoshibi! I guarantee you will not be disappointed...
~ Neo-Usagi
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December 8, 2002~
- I got Rei's Image Gallery up today! (Of course, this is for the second time, just like Ami's was). *groans* I HATE REDOING THIS STUPID SITE. *ahem* Alright, can't ya tell I'm in a good mood??
- I completely finished the Link Station! Although this whole redoing of this site IS pretty annoying, I am so glad I am doing it! Everything actually looks... ORGANIZED!!!! *sighs*

December 7, 2002~
- Ami's Image Gallery is up now!

October 14, 2002~
- Finally! The brand new and improved version of Neo-Usagi's Senshi Playplace is up! Moon Tomoshibi! Yay! *smiles, smiles*
- Um, I can't really name it all. All I know is that I've redone a WHOLE lot, but it's not complete yet, so BEAR WITH ME!!!!

Neptune's Mirror - (Image Gallery) Images, animated gifs, and fan art! You'll find it all here!
Library - All sorts of information on the sailor senshi, from series summaries to senshi profiles! Plus, test all of your moonie knowledge by taking a Sailor Moon quiz!  And don't forget... What else? Fanfiction!
Awards Center - Check out all the awards that Moon Tomoshibi has won, or even apply your website to win one of the awards I give away.
Learn a Lil' Japanese - Expand your knowledge of Japanese words, phrases, and such here!
Entertainment - Fun stuff to look at and read. I've got captions, funny lil' writings, polls, midis, and much more!
Lyrics - Um, duh! The words to all of your favorite Sailor Moon songs; both English AND Japanese!
Clique Stuff - Join my Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon clique or look at the cliques I've joined.
Adoption Center - Adopt a poor homeless senshi... Or look at the ones that I've adopted!
Link Station - What else? Links! I've got links to some great websites that I really like, and you can even add your website to a 'Add-a-link' page. Plus, you can get a banner/button that you can use to link MT!