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Entertainment ~ Senshi Never Says

Sailor Moon

Rei, you are too cool!

Anybody want to be Mamoru's boyfriend? I dumped 'em!

Ami, you're right. I don't study enough.

I GOTTA 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chibi Usa, you are the cutest little girl I have ever met!

I hate you Mamoru!

Isn't Chibi Usa the coolest?!

I'm ugly, don't you agree?

Sweet foods make me sick.

I am going on a diet!!!!!!!!!!

Please pass the carrots.

Mom, you want to learn hear about my very exciting day at school?
I learned even more advanced algebra! I don't think I'm getting
challenged to my full grade level potiental.
Perhaps I could move along to the next grade?

Studies Buddies is the greatest place on earth!!!!

Sailor Mercury

I failed my last quiz.


Speak to the hand.

I refrase that, 'Speak to the elbow, 'cause it ain't worth the extintion'.

'Ain't' ain't a word, so I ain't gonna say it!


Mamoru is mine!

I am the most beautiful girl on the planet.

You know Minako, your right. I do need a boyfriend.

Who needs Study Buddies when you've got a DATE???!!!

Usagi... I need you help on algebra.

Get a life and get out of my face.

Sailor Mars

Usagi is my role model.

I would find it to be a great honor if you, Usagi, put my hair up like yours.

I'm gonna die my hair blonde!!!!!!!!!

I hate you Mamoru.

Food, food, food! I love food!

FIRE??!! Keep it away from me, keep it away from me! I HATE fire!


Hey everyone, listen up! I'm skipping Study Buddies so I can join the Heart Snatchers! Anyone want to come? Oh sorry, I can't take all of you...

I'm dumping Chad.

Come on Sailor Neptune! Can't I please have the element of water, and you take fire?

I HATE the color black. It's too dark!

I'm scared!

Sailor Jupiter

Now, now, let's not fight!


That guy does NOT look like my old boyfriend.

Oh no! It's thundering. *runs to bed and hides under covers*


Sheesh, how come I keep on burning these stupid cakes?

I am the worst cook in the world.

My dream... is to be an airline stewardess!!

I've decided that I never want to date again. Guys just mess up my life.

Oh Minako, I wish I was as beautiful as you!

Hey Mamoru... Why don't you forget about Usagi? There's always me!

Haruka, you are SO much stronger than me!!!

Sailor Venus

I'm ugly!

I HATE singing!

I GOTTA 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!

School is my FAVORITE place in the entire world.

Guys don't matter. I've got all my friends, who could ask for more?

I'm so glad that I don't play volleyball anymore! I feel so FREEEEE!!!!!!

Don't you think I'd look great with black hair?

This stupid red ribbon is driving me crazy! I'm gonna get rid of this silly thing.

I'm going on a diet.

Artemis, you are the cutest cat EVER!

I don't think I'm leader matterial.

Rei, you are my role model!