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Entertainment ~ Senshi Interviews ~ Rei's Interview

Note: I'm really sorry, but I don't know Chad's Japanese name. If you know, please e-mail me and tell me!!

Me: Okay, hello Rei.
Rei: Listen, let's get down to business, I have to help Grandpa and Chad at the shrine soon.
Me: Oh, so you want to hurry back to Chad, huh?
Rei: Of course not! Don't say that! Isn't this interview going to be publicly presented?
Me: Well, yeah, it's gonna be on my website!
Rei: Then we will not discuss my personal love life!
Me: But come on Rei, everyone knows that you and Chad are like, and item!
Rei: Everyone does!?!?
Me: Okay, okay, Rei, I can tell you're about to explode, maybe we should move on...
Rei: How? How?! How does everyone know!?
Me: Rei! Please stay focused, you're acting like Usagi!
Rei: No I'm not! Come on, hurry up! I don't have all day.
Me: *sighs* Well, Rei, do you think that Usagi makes a good leader?
Rei: Well... she is a klutzy, ditzy, stupid, odanago atama, but I guess so.
Me: Do you wish to be the leader Rei?
Rei: Not really. It might be fun and all, but I think I might have to much of a temper...
Me: You got that right...
Rei: What was that!?
Me: Oh, nothing!
Rei: But anyway, I can't be the leader, because the colors on Sailor Moon's battle uniforms would totally clash with my hair!
Me: And we don't want Chad to see that!
Me: Whoa. Okay, whatever you say.
Me: (flipping through a few notes) Oh, yes. Rei, wich Sailor Senshi is your favorite?
Rei: Me. Duh.
Me: Besides you, please.
Rei: What do you mean besides me? I'm a Sailor Senshi aren't I!?
Me: Well, okay. Have the same answer as Usagi.
Rei: What!? No way! I've gotta change my answer if 'me' is what she said... Um, I don't really like to choose favorites,
but I am really close friend with Usagi, so Sailor Moon would have to be one, and Amy's so sweet, Mercury is another.
And Sailor Pluto. I like her alot, she's so awsome!
Me: Alright, thanks for the interview, Rei.
Rei: That's it!? We're done!?
Me: Well, I thought I'd let you go back to your true love Chad...
Rei: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rei chases Neo-Usagi around the room, yelling names at her. All in all, I'd say this interview was a success.