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Clique Stuff ~ My Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Clique ~ About

This is a clique just like any other. It's called the *My Senshi* clique, because you know how little kids are sometimes, saying things like "MY CANDY!!!" when you try to take
something? Well, that's what this means! Whoever you pick is 'your senshi', and nobody can take 'em away! Anyway, you can get the HTML Code for it at the 'Code' Section.
This is what it should look like on your page;

My Senshi // ~*~Put your Senshi's name here~*~

Please do not put up a name for a Senshi that's already been taken. Also, if you do not have the link up on your page in two weeks, (which should be plenty of time), I will
not put you on the members list. That is, unless, you e-mail me and tell me that your link won't be up for a while. That should be all...

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