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Clique Stuff ~ My Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Clique ~ Members

Okay, I've changed the way things are done here. Instead of listing the memebers and all the avalible characters, I'm just listing the members. You may have any Sailor Senshi you want that isn't on this members list, in either their human, Sailor, Super Sailor, Eternal Sailor, or Princess form. You may also have any minor character, villian, or fanfic/made-up character if you want. ^_^

Usagi :: UsagiMoon
Sailor Moon :: Serena Jayne
Sailor Chibi Moon :: Sailor Rini
Eternal Sailor Mercury :: Neo-Usagi
Eternal Sailor Uranus :: Sailor Opal
Princess Rei :: Crystal Rei
Eudial :: Lady Nanashi
Eternal Princess Sun :: Sailor Sun

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